Ford has released the beta version of their new app titled, MyFord Mobile. The app was created to accompany Ford’s Focus Electric car (EV). The app integrates social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, along with gps features of MapQuest. One of the most innovative features of MyFord Mobile is Ford drivers will be able to track the miles they drive while also tracking how much carbon dioxide (CO2) they have saved from not using gasoline. The ability to track this information benefits not only the personal knowledge of the driver, but Ford users can “compete” against other Ford drivers with this information digitalized.

The Focus Electric car is one way that the auto industry has begun making steps towards marketing green vehicles as efficient and exciting as “standard” gasoline fueled cars. The standard in the auto industry is shifting towards environmentally friendly vehicles between consumer wants, needs, and regulations that are being implemented in states such as California. The shift will not happen overnight. However, with the implementation of applications created by car companies, such as Ford’s mobile app MyFord, is one way of marketing new technologies available together with brand recognition, and environmentally beneficial outcomes. Looking to ship your motorcycle? Direct Connect Auto can assist you with any and all of your motorcycle shipping needs.