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GPS Tracking January 19, 2012

Recently in the state of Missouri a judge ruled that the FBI is allowed to use GPS tracking without a warrant. It was found that evidence obtained through the use of GPS tracking surveillance should not be withheld under the First Amendment. Although some may find the actual court case unfair or disagree with the ruling, the important focus is the technology that is available today, such as GPS tracking used as a surveillance tool.

Oldsmobile first introduced the first GPS navigation system that was available within a car in 1995. Technology has evolved at a tremendously fast pace from 1995 to 2012. The GPS technology used within the auto industry is interesting to track in just how many occupations, situations, and scenarios it is used for. The possibilities of GPS technology and its evolution are endless. Technology is very quickly becoming incorporated into everyday life and within the automobile industry. If you are looking to ship your automobile with your dealer transport services, Direct Connect Auto is the experienced company to assist you with any and all of your car shipping needs.


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