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How To Ship A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle to Wisconsin

The Milwaukee skyline can be seen from the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

Relocating to Wisconsin? Buying a car online that you need to get to your Wisconsin home? There is an excellent way to get your car, SUV, truck or motorcycle to your Wisconsin location without doing the driving yourself. Wisconsin auto transport is the perfect way to make life easier and move your vehicles around across town or across the country.

Here’s how Wisconsin auto transport works:

  • Get an online quote by providing the details of your to and from destinations and the details of the vehicle you need to ship. Be sure to provide accurate details about your vehicle. For example, let your WI car shipper if your car is oversized or inoperable, be sure to include these details in your car shipping quote.
  • Agree upon the details and schedule your car shipment. Be sure to read all the fine print to understand your car shipping pricing and confirm that insurance is included.
  • Take a few minor steps to prep your car for its Wisconsin auto transport. Reduce your gas to ¼ tank, clear out your personal items and document your car’s current condition.
  • Await the arrival of your car - it’s that easy!

When you’re ready to get started, you can request an instant quote for your Wisconsin auto transport or call 800-981-2222 to speak with a knowledgeable car shipping expert.

Tips To Find The Best Wisconsin Car Shipping Companies

VNow that you’ve made the great decision to ship your car to Wisconsin, your next step is to find the best Wisconsin car shipping company to take care of your logistics for you. Here are tips to help you find a quality WI auto transport partner:

  • Look at how many years they’ve been in business as an indicator of experience.
  • Check out how well they vet their drivers for experience and professionalism.
  • Make sure their car shipping service includes insurance.
  • Read up on what their customers are saying about them online. These reviews may found in Google reviews or as testimonials on their website or even on their social media channels.
  • Find out if you can reach their customer service team after hours if needed.
  • Ask them if they have any guarantees that show they stand behind the quality of their car shipping services.
  • Look for Wisconsin auto shippers that have real-time tracking options so you can track where your car is during its transport.
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Start by requesting a quote online or calling the friendly Direct Connect Auto Transport team at 800-981-2222.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Wisconsin

Your next logical question is most likely, “what’s the price to ship my car to Wisconsin?” The answer depends on quite a few details that, the more accurately you provide to your WI auto transport company, the more accurate your car shipping price quote will be. Here are the details that you need to gather to ensure you get an accurate quote:

  • To and from destination - Obviously shipping a car from Milwaukee to Madison will cost a bit less than shipping a car from Los Angeles to La Crosse will cost. More popular and easy-to-access routes may also be more affordable than more remote locations.
  • Type of car - Standard-sized cars are the most affordable to ship, but be sure to let your Wisconsin auto transport if your vehicle is oversized or inoperable. Also, inform your car shipper if your car is a luxury or vintage car that needs special handling and added security. These details can impact your car shipping price.
  • Type of carrier - Open carriers are the most standard and economical ways to ship a car to Wisconsin. For more protection from the elements or added-security needs, you may opt for an enclosed carrier. A flatbed option is also a consideration for oversized vehicles or shorter auto transport needs.
  • Seasonal fluctuations - TIme of year can cause car shipping price fluctuation based on seasonal demand. Be sure to let you Wisconsin car shipping company know if you are flexible dates to get the best pricing.
  • Special conveniences - There many additional details that can impact your Wisconsin car shipping price. For example, if you require door-to-door service or if your car is inoperable, your price may increase. You may also have the option to ship items inside your car but at an increased price.

If you are ready to get a Wisconsin car shipping price quote, contact Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 or complete an online car shipping price quote request.

Have You Read The Online Reviews For Your Wisconsin Auto Transport Company?

Online auto transport reviews for your Wisconsin car shipping choice will get you insights into what it will be like to be their customer. Look for trends in the reivews, both good and bad, to show how they perform on a regular basis. Also, pay attention to how quickly (if at all) they respond to online complaints.

When you’re ready to ship a car to Wisconsin, check out Direct Connect Auto Transport where we have a 5-star average rating with our online auto transport reviews. Stop by Direct Connect Auto Transport’s website to request your free, instant online car shipping pricing or give our friendly staff a call anytime at 800-981-2222.

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Why Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport For Your Wisconsin Car Shipping Needs

Since 2001, Direct Connect Auto Transport has been the go-to source for the best Wisconsin car shipping services. We have the strongest network of carriers in the industry, plus much more, such as:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau
  • Accreditation from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • 24-hour access to customer service
  • World-class insurance with every car shipping service
  • Damage-free guarantee
  • Real-time tracking while your car is on its route
  • 5-star average review rating from current customers
  • Straight-forward pricing with no hidden fees

Don’t trust your Wisconsin car shipping needs to just anyone, trust your car to the auto transport leaders - Direct Connect Auto Transport. Get started with an online quote or call our helpful car shipping specialists at 800-981-2222 today.

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