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How to Safely Ship Your Car to Vermont

Be sure to visit the historic Ethan Allen Homestead when you're in Vermont.

You’re at a junction in your life, and the season is ripe for relocation to the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont. One of the first issues you will encounter will likely be how to ship your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle to Vermont where you need it once you’ve arrived at your new home. Car shipping is serious business, and you want to ensure your vehicle – one of your most prized properties – is in the right hands.

Luckily, you have access to reputable, quality Vermont auto transport companies that service within and beyond its state borders. Direct Connect Auto Transport is one of the largest, most established car shipping companies operating in VT, and has become a solid standby in the auto transport business nationwide.

Visit our comprehensive auto transportation website to get started, where you can obtain a free, instant online quote that fits your Vermont car shipping needs. You can also call our expert team at 800-980-2222 for quotes, questions, and more.

What Makes a Vermont Auto Transport Company Stand Out

Here are the most defining aspects of all top-notch Vermont car shipping companies:

  • Experience and accreditation! Don’t be fooled by novice auto transport companies boasting third-rate certifications and awards who aren’t supported by the backbone of years of experience in the industry. Official accreditations, insurance, and bonding should also be present in addition to 10+ years of successful business operations.
  • Good insurance! Does your VT car shipping quote include insurance, and if so, what type? A deal-breaker for booking a shipment can be inadequate insurance for your vehicle, or add-on insurance only available at an additional price, often in fine print.
  • Outstanding reviews! How well-received is the Vermont auto transporter within local communities as well as online? Reviews, whether written or word-of-mouth, are powerfully telling about how a car shipping company conducts its overall business.
  • Availability to fit your schedule! Helpful and informed customer service representatives need to be readily accessible to you as your vehicle embarks on its journey. Most urgent issues and questions don’t always arise within typical 9-5, Monday-Friday business hours, and you need a VT auto transport company who operates outside the box.
To get started with Direct Connect Auto, whose knowledgeable representatives are standing by right now to take your call, you can either dial in at 800-980-2222 or go online for an instant quote.

What Will Impact My Vermont Car Shipping Price?

  • Distance and route – A shorter transit equals a smaller price for obvious reasons; driver and fuel costs will increase based on distance as well as ease of access for the route. For example, a popular upper US route is Eagan, MN to Milton, VT and would cost significantly less than if you were journeying to Vermont from a smaller town much farther away, like Mulberry, FL.
  • Type of Car – If you’re just shipping a standard-sized, operable vehicle to Vermont, you’re looking at a lower price than if your vehicle is luxury, inoperable, oversized, or otherwise requires special accommodations.
  • Type of Carrier – The type and size of car or other vehicle you are transporting will determine which auto transport carrier needs to be used. Most standard-sized, operable cars do just fine in a traditional open auto carrier. If your vehicle is oversized or has a nontraditional shape, flatbed trucks work best. Enclosed auto carriers are available at a higher price but provide better peace of mind if you have a luxury, custom, or otherwise more valuable vehicle that requires better protection from the wear and tear of transit.
  • Time of Year – Seasonal demand directly affects Vermont car shipping prices. For example, the mountains are a popular ski destination during winter months, so if you’re planning a move or vacation during these peak seasons, keep in mind that your auto transport quote will be higher.
  • Drop-off vs. Door-to-door – Dropping off and picking up your vehicle at an auto transport terminal destination will cost less than doorstep-to-doorstep direct delivery.
Hit the slopes at Killington Mountain in Vermont, the largest ski area in the East.
Call Direct Connect Auto Transportation 24/7 at 800-980-2222 to get your free quote today, or you can go online here to fill out our quick quote form.

The Direct Connect Auto Transport Advantage

Direct Connect Auto has been in business since 2001, and not only do we service the state of Vermont, but our thriving company now operates one of the nation’s largest auto transport networks. We were founded on values of quality, care, and customer satisfaction that we feel should be displayed throughout the entire car shipping experience. Because of those values, all our drivers are on a 100% vetted carrier network and our relations with our customers turn into lifetime relationships.

Not only are we fully licensed and bonded as a versatile carrier plus broker auto transport company, Direct Connect Auto Transport also holds accreditation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We ship over 12,000 vehicles annually and have happy customers to show for it. Just check out our online reviews – over 130+ satisfied customer reviews and a 5/5 on, plus a BBB rating of A+!

Don’t let us tell you, though – find out firsthand about our quality auto transport services by going online for your free instant Vermont car shipping quote or calling our expert team at 800-980-2222.

Frequently Asked Vermont Car Shipping Questions

  • How do I schedule Vermont auto transport services? It’s easy! You can call Direct Connect Auto Transport’s customer service specialists at 800-980-2222 all day/every day, or choose to fill out our quick online form to receive your free quote now.
  • Is my vehicle insured during transit? Yes, and with the absolute best coverage that’s offered by any car shipping company out there. Direct Connect Auto Transport provides a damage-free guarantee that covers any and all potential repairs that may need to be made in the rare occasion of damage occurring. In addition, lawfully, all of our drivers and trucks carry a minimum of $750,000 public liability insurance.
  • Does Direct Connect Auto Transport ship boats? Yes, we operate under broker as well as carrier, so we have boat transportation brokers to specifically take care of your boat shipping needs in order to facilitate the best price and quality of services for your needs.
  • How do I prep my car, truck or SUV for its impending VT shipment? There’s a few simple things you need to check off before your car will be deemed shippable. First, the gas tank needs to be only ¼ full. Then remove all personal belongings and valuables (including decals and permits) and clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Finally, before its trip, don’t forget to document the pre-shipping condition of your vehicle to ensure that there are no disputes on damage upon its arrival.
Be sure to see the beautiful mountains and lakes like Lake Willoughby when traveling through Vermont.
To begin your car’s journey to Vermont with you, call Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 or go online for your free instant quote now!


Direct Connect Auto Transport is rated 5 of 5 stars on by over 130 satisfied customers.

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