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Your Guide to South Dakota Auto Transport Services

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Looking to move to South Dakota? You’re sure to enjoy the beautiful expanse of nature and wild buffalo. Moving is a new experience, but it shouldn’t have to feel difficult or stressful. However, one part you might not have thought of is safely transporting all your vehicles

Direct Connection Auto Transport makes the process simple by giving you complete transparency and outstanding customer service. Name the destination with the model and make of your car, truck, SUV, or even motorcycle through our online quote calculator. We handle all the details from there forward.

This guide should give everything you need to know about South Dakota auto transportations.

Top Qualities of Car Shipping Companies

First, you’ll want some metrics to gauge their standards. Not all South Dakota auto transport companies are created equal! The market is full of competitors. You want to stay informed to make the best choice for your movings needs.

Here are some basic qualities that are common for the top car shipping businesses:

  • Experience: The best auto transport company will have years of experience backing them up with time to gather qualified commercial drivers and equipment. Some might only offer open flatbeds, while others have a variety of semi tractor-trailers.
  • Insurance: Your auto transport dealer should offer sufficient insurance coverage for your vehicles during the transit.
  • Area of Service: You’ll need a company that services the area for your final destination. Most larger businesses will have docks all across the United States and even offer direct door delivery.
  • Reviews: While most people are familiar with reviews from Google or Facebook, you should skim over transportation specific listings, like TransportReviews. Every credible trucking company should also be members of their local Better Business Bureau.
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We match and exceed of the above expectations to give you the best overall experience of any auto transport service in South Dakota by striving to maintain a staff of safe drivers with the latest technology. With over 15 years of experience, our dispatchers are open 24/7 to answer questions and process your orders. And, we operate nationwide with docks all throughout South Dakota. Give us a quick call at your convenience to schedule a move today at 800-980-2222

Formulating the Price of an Auto Transport

Of course, the biggest issue for most people is finding the right price to match the quality of service they need. You’ll want something affordable that still provides you with a safe and timely delivery. If you’re like most people, your vehicle is a critical part of your daily routines! You cannot afford to compromise safety in your auto transport dealer.

We promise to be upfront and transparent with the entire process. Some less than reputable companies might try to hide hidden fees and miscellaneous charges by burying them in a legal contract. On the other hand, we offer a simple quote form that generates estimate values based on very basic information. There are no secrets to our pricing! If you have any questions or unique concerns about your South Dakota auto transport, give us a call and speak directly to one of our sales representatives.

Our rate estimates are based solely on straightforward calculations, including the following items:

  • Your Vehicle Type: The price will vary some based on the kind of vehicle you want us to transport. Because of insurance rates and other factors, luxury sports or classic model cars will cost more to transport as opposed to SUVs
  • Your Carrier Option: We offer flatbed carriers or open or closed. Each option will alter the rate of your auto transport slightly.
  • Distance: The largest factor in determining the final price will be the distance in miles from point A to point B. If your final destination is from Pierre to New York, that will significantly increase the rate over a simple move across Sioux Falls.
  • Season: The time of year could also affect auto transport pricing. Most people choose to move over summer. The higher demand could place a burden on our scheduling. It’s best to take the time to research optimal seasons for moves to save money.
  • Average Diesel Rates: Similar to gasoline, diesel fluctuates at sometimes unexpected rates. Part of our final rates does take into account the average rate of fuel costs based on postings by the US Department of Energy.

How to Research the Best Auto Transport Company

We don’t just want your business. We want you to stay informed and make the right choice for your auto transport needs. You should take an educated approach by researching all your options. Always have a backup plan, and never take someone at their word. Competitors might flash all kind of deals on their websites, but call and ask about the specifics, take notes, and compare them to us.

Here are some key items to look for when researching your auto transport company:

  • Availability: It’s your move, so you need a transport business to work on your schedule. If they are completely booked on your ideal move day, it’s going to mess up your plans with everything else involved. Of course, you also want someone available to answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.
  • Transparent Pricing: While their rates should be seen as estimates until you actually negotiate and sign the final paperwork, the company should be completely honest and upfront about how they calculate their numbers. You don’t want any surprises.
  • Accreditations: The best auto transport company should be fully licensed and insured for all their trucks, and they might be part of a trucking association. If you have any reason to doubt, ask for the proper documentation.
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Why Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport?

We’re confident we perfectly fit the bill to handle any auto transport job across the Mount Rushmore state! Since 2001, we’ve operated with excellent DOT scores using the latest available truck and trailer units. Plus, every shipment usually includes world-class load insurance, giving you peace of mind as your transition in your move.

We even offer free auto transport tracking with instant notifications of status and proof of delivery.

Our dispatchers operate around the clock, 24/7! If you need to change the destination location or cancel a service for any reason, just give a call at 800-980-2222.

Get started today by submitting some vehicle information through our online quote form from our homepage.

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