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Taking a Well-Informed and Safe Auto Transport Adventure to South Carolina

Be sure to see the centuries old oak trees at Boone Hall plantation when you visit South Carolina.

If you’ve ever had to uproot your home and family before, you know very well how moving comes with its own world of problems. Tasks you hadn’t even anticipated or planned properly for are always popping up as you scramble to try to get everything else together. One of the most prevalent of those issues is how to ship your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle to your new home in SC with you.

You’re in luck – Direct Connect Auto Transport, one of not only SC but the nation’s leading car shipping companies, is here to provide the right help to move your vehicle safe, sound and on time to its new garage. Who would choose to drive cross-country with the family stuffed in the car with all their assorted belongings for days on end over the fast, easy and reliable services of Direct Connect Auto Transport?

To get started, fill in our brief form on our website for your easy, free and instant online quote for all your South Carolina car shipping needs. You can also reach us every hour of the day, every day of the year by calling 800-980-2222.

How to Spot Which South Carolina Auto Transporters are the Right Fit

When assessing the qualities of a good South Carolina auto transport company, there are several basic things that immediately come to mind:

  • Experience! You want an SC car shipping company that’s been around learned from their years of experience and has a good grip on proper operational standards as a result of that working knowledge.
  • Customer satisfaction! How happy are previous customers of this SC auto transport company? Listen for what friends and family may have to say about them, as well as read them up online in verified reviews and ratings.
  • Good grade of insurance! What type of insurance coverage is provided to your vehicle during transit with this SC car shipping company? You’ll want a policy with a wider net of protection than just the basic liability insurance, such as a damage-free guarantee.
  • Ease of access! How easily accessible are this SC auto transport company’s customer service representatives? They don’t call it customer ‘service’ for no reason – serve them and serve them right! Among the most important points of contact made with the customer are their initial and following interactions with the auto transportation specialists of the company
Direct Connect Auto Transport has some of the best, most skillful and highly trained customer service representatives on the line at 800-980-2222 to take your call any time of any day! We are also able to provide you with a free, instant online quote for your South Carolina car shipping price estimate.

What Affects My South Carolina Car Shipping Price

  • Distance – Taking the longer road less traveled (e.g., cross-country from a remote town in southern California) is going to increase the price of your vehicle’s shipment, versus if you use shorter, more popular routes (frequently used routes concentrated in the South).
  • Type of Car – Getting the most bang for your buck would definitely be to ship a standard-sized, operable vehicle, which is the simplest and most economical vehicle to ship. Conversely, luxury, oversized, or other custom vehicles are going to up your car shipping price.
  • Type of Carrier – There are three general types of automotive carriers used during transit to SC: open auto carriers, enclosed auto carriers, and flatbed trucks. The type of vehicle and its particular needs determines which carrier will fit best. Once more, standard-sized, operable vehicles ride comfortably in open auto carriers, large or oddly shaped vehicles can fit in flatbed trucks, and luxury or custom vehicles that need shelter from the elements go inside an enclosed auto carrier.
  • Time of Year – Don’t get caught up in the South Carolina snowbird rush during winter months and know when you want to book your services based on seasonal demand, as this can definitely impact the cost of auto transport.
  • Drop-off vs. Door-to-door – Getting the specialized door-to-door delivery for your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is going to be the more convenient but also more expensive option, versus dropping off and picking up your vehicle at a local auto transport terminal.
See all the beautiful, historic homes when traveling through Charleston, South Carolina.
Don’t get caught up in the fine-print agreements offered by some auto transport companies – at Direct Connect Auto Transport, what you see is what you get, and you can get one step closer to knowing your final, all-inclusive auto transport price by going online now for your free instant quote, or by calling us at 800-980-2222.

The Direct Connect Auto Transport Advantage

Since first opening its doors September of 2001, Direct Connect Auto Transport has built a sizable auto transport operation system within (and outside of!) the United States based on solid values instilled by owner John Costelac’s previous experience working with other auto transport companies. Innovative technology combined with solid practical knowledge and aided by compassionate, responsive customer service is Direct Connect Auto Transport’s model for success.

Not only servicing the state of South Carolina, Direct Connect Auto Transport’s 100%-vetted carrier network safely and efficiently ships roughly 12,000 vehicles annually – that’s over one thousand cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats riding across the USA safely on the back of an auto carrier, or even on boats across the Pacific Ocean to other countries!

Our customer base and accreditations speak for themselves, with a 5/5 rating on by over 130 satisfied customers and a certified A+ rating on the BBB. You can find out firsthand by going online for a quick and easy (did we mention it’s free?) instant quote, or by calling our team of auto transport specialists at any time at 800-980-2222.

Information About South Carolina

  • How do I go about setting up auto transport services in South Carolina for my vehicle? Easily, by visiting Direct Connect Auto Transport online and filling out a short form with basic information pertaining to your trip and vehicle. You can also call us 24/7, 365/year at 800-980-2222.
  • What are some popular auto transport routes taken to SC? We service frequently taken routes to South Carolina from all over the country, from Sterling Heights, MI shipping to Rock Hill, SC to Salem, OR also shipping to Rock Hill, SC.
  • How do I go about prepping my car, truck, or SUV for its shipping journey? Taking these few easy steps pre-shipping will ensure the smoothest possible trip for your vehicle, and greatest peace of mind for you. First, empty the gas tank to ¼ full. Then, make sure the inside and outside of your vehicle is clean. Finally, remove and secure all personal items (especially valuables), checking to make sure nothing is blocking the driver’s view. Don’t forget to sign off on your vehicle inspection checklist documenting its condition pre-shipment.
The Millford Plantation is just one of many famous plantations all across South Carolina.
Don’t hesitate any longer and take full advantage of what’s been outlined here today by Direct Connect Auto Transport. At any time that’s convenient for you, you can go online for your free instant quote or call our experts at 800-980-2222 to set up the best South Carolina car shipping experience you’ll ever have!

How much does it cost to ship a car to South Carolina?

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Direct Connect Auto Transport is rated 5 of 5 stars on by over 130 satisfied customers.

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