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How To Ship A Car, Truck Or SUV to New Jersey

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Planning a move to New Jersey but unsure how to work out the details of your New Jersey auto transport? If you have multiple vehicles you need to safely haul to your new residence, you New Jersey car shipping services can help you make it happen, but you cannot just trust any carrier for the job. Your car is likely an essential part of your daily life. Don’t take any risks with your precious baby! Rely on the professionals at Direct Auto Connection Transport to deliver the best in service for shipping a car to New Jersey. This page should give you all the essential information to know how to get the best deals for your needs.

We are fully licensed to operate within all 50 states. With awarding-winning service and a solid reputation for excellence, we believe in placing you first. That’s why we created an online instant quote calculator to streamline the New Jersey car shipping process and give you transparent data to make the most informed decision. Moreover, using our world-class insurance, you can ship your vehicle with confidence.

Here are just a sampling of what sets Direct Auto Connection Transport apart from the crowd:

  • Operating since 2001
  • World-class insurance included for every car shipment
  • Damage-free transports
  • Open 24/7 for load requests
  • imple, easy-to-understand instant quotes

If we sound like a good fit for your New Jersey auto transport, give us a quick call at 800-981-2222 to speak with an agent today.

Qualities of the Best New Jersey Auto Transport Company

While moving can feel overwhelming, it’s important to slow down and research the best New Jersey auto transport company. To get the best value for your purchase, aim for someone responsive and flexible with your schedule. Among others, note these trends in your research:

  • Experience: How many years has the carrier been in operation? This can say a lot about their success. It takes a long time to build a strong fleet of modern equipment and hire experienced drivers. An auto transport company with just a few months of operation is a risk.
  • Insurance: Every auto carrier should have the right level of insurance to protect your vehicles from damage or loss while it’s being shipped to New Jersey.
  • Review: What kind of reputation does the company have online or among your friends? Take some feedback from previous customers you might know. Whether good or bad, you deserve to know the truth to make the best decision.
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The Costs of Your New Jersey Auto Transport

Many other auto transports might try to hide their real pricings behind lengthy and complicated contracts. We believe in upfront honesty to build a solid relationship with every client. We don’t hold back any secrets! In fact, to make your life simpler, we’ve integrated our website with an automatic quote calculator that outputs an estimate based on basic information about your vehicle. It’s that simple! Then, we’ll contact you to gather some more information and finalize the request.

Here are some common factors that dictate the price range of our quotes:

  • The Type of Your Vehicle: Compact, convertibles, SUVs, trucks, vintage and classic cars will all have a different price ranges as they may require different levels of handling and loading procedures.
  • Carrier Options: You can choose to transport your vehicle through flatbed, open or closed van, or controlled temperature vans. Each option has a different base price that is used to calculate your New Jersey car shipping service.
  • Miles to Destination: The distance from our pickup to your final destination is the largest factor in our quotes. Moves across Trenton would be much cheaper than traveling from New Jersey to Colorado.
  • Diesel Rates: Part of the cost for a New Jersey auto transport pays for the fluctuating rate of diesel across the New England region.
  • Direct Delivery or Drop Point: While you can request we deliver your vehicle directly to your New Jersey residence, you can also arrange for us to drop it at one of our nearest garage hubs for secure storage until you’re ready for pickup. Either option is a preference that could change the price.

If you’re still unsure after viewing the estimate from the online calculator, contact one our team members to better understand the price to ship a car to New Jersey and take advantage of any applicable savings. Give us a quick call at 800-981-2222 or shoot us an email at [email protected] We want to hear the specifics of your needs to serve you best. We’re open 24/7!

Understanding Online Reviews for Auto Transports in New Jersey

We’re in the 21st Century with access to instant information from nearly any handheld device. Research is made easy with online review listings for nearly every industry. However, you still need a trained eye to filter through the mess of over information. Many reviews are clearly fake or auto-generated spam. As you read through reviews across Yelp or Facebook, try to spot trends in the most honest of reviews to give the full picture of how the auto transport company operates. What do people say about their customer service? What about their scheduling or pricing? Try to weight all the pros and cons. You might find it more helpful to search through review websites that are specific to the transportation industry, such as TransportReviews.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Jersey Auto Car Shipping

Check out some of the of these more common questions we’ve received over the years:

  • Do I need to prepare my vehicle in any special way before you load it? Yes! Tidy up the interior and secure any loose items and important paperwork. Then, ensure there is at least a quarter tank of gas to help us maneuver into the trailer.
  • Can I store anything in the vehicle being transported to help with the move? We permit a maximum of 100 pounds extra weight, as long as it is secure and not obscuring the driver. Try to avoid storing very valuable or fragile items.
  • Do you ship any other kinds of vehicles? We sure do! We ship trucks, RVs, and even boats. Ask about special pricing.
  • How can I contact you for more information? We’re open 24/7 to answer calls or emails to service your vehicles, change a load destination, or cancel an order. Phone 800-981-2222 when you’re ready.
  • Do you provide auto insurance? We provide world-class insurance on all shipments, free of charge!
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The Competitive Edge of Direct Auto Connection Transpor

Direct Connect Auto Transport has led the auto transportation in New Jersey since 2001. We offer the best overall experience by giving you control of the pricing with an instant quote and the flexibility to schedule when you’re ready. Get started today by submitting the details of your New Jersey car shipping information through our online quote form from our homepage.

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