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Relocating to New Hampshire Skip the Roads and Book Your Vehicle a “Ride”

New Hampshire is a great place to see the Fall Foliage as you are driving through.

Moving to New Hampshire and stressed over it? We all know that moving is one huge, messy pile of tasks to get done which has to be organized in order to facilitate the process. One huge component is what to do with your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Whatever means of conveyance you own, it’s one of your most valuable assets and you need to find a workable way to transport it, along with your other possessions. Driving is not the best option out there for many reasons, so you decide to opt with car shipping.

As luck would have it, streamlining your move to the Granite State is as easy as ever with Direct Connect Auto Transport, one of the nation’s leading, largest auto transport companies. Direct Connect Auto Transport is a New Hampshire car shipping company that will handle all the logistics of how to ship your car to its new home successfully at one reasonable price. To get started, you can easily get a free, instant online quote for your NH auto transport needs, or call our knowledgeable team at 800-980-2222.

How to Spot a Quality New Hampshire Auto Transport Company

The best NH auto transport companies may be vastly different in how and where they operate, but there is a core system of values and practices that are carried out by all of these top-notch companies. Here is what to look for in a great car shipping company:

  • Experience in the field! You might think that a brand new auto transport company opening its doors backed by the latest technology and techniques may be your better option, but reliability and a history of successful experience is vital to determining the actual functionality of an auto transporter. Look for 10+ years in business and still running strong
  • High-quality insurance coverage! All reputable New Hampshire car shipping companies typically provide at least basic protection coverage to your vehicle. You might even find companies willing to go the extra mile by offering damage-free insurance at no extra cost to you, included in your car shipping quote
  • Customer satisfaction! Whether positive or negative, reviews and comments from past customers who have dealt with that particular NH auto transport company are a telling sign of what type of experience you can expect to have with them.
  • Convenience of customer service! You don’t want a car shipping company that leaves you hanging if you have an important question or concern that are outside of normal business hours. A seasoned NH auto transport company will know this and provide customer service accommodations to cover those atypical hours.
Direct Connect Auto Transport always has an expert team standing by 24/7, every day of the year at 800-980-2222 to assist you with anything, including getting your free car shipping quote today, or you can go online.

Be sure to see Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountains as you travel through New Hampshire.

How is My Car Shipping Quote Calculated?

  • Distance – The shorter the trip your vehicle will be making, the cheaper the cost of its shipment. For example, if you’re only shipping your motorcycle within the state from Concord, NH to Manchester, NH, your rate will be significantly lower than a cross-country shipment from California to New Hampshire.
  • Type of Car – If you have a standard-sized, operable vehicle, you’re in luck because that type of vehicle has the lowest car shipping price. Inoperable, oversized, luxury, or abnormally shaped vehicles (eg., boat) will require more specialized services that are going to cost you more.
  • Type of Carrier – All vehicles get matched with an appropriate auto carrier based on their unique needs, and the price varies amongst the different types of carriers. For example, a standard-sized, operable car can fit in the industry-standard open auto carrier. A larger vehicle like an RV would need to be transported on a flatbed truck. Custom, model, or luxury vehicles needing extra protection from weather and travel are going to ride in the pricier enclosed auto carrier.
  • Time of Year – Seasonal fluctuations in New Hampshire auto transport demand also factor in to your car shipping price. Keep this in mind and avoid the busy seasons (eg., summer vacation, winter break, etc.) for this state if you want the best deal you can get.
  • Drop-off vs. Door-to-door – Having your vehicle shipped to a predetermined, auto transport terminal in NH will run you a lower bill than getting your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle delivered right to your new doorstep.
To reach Direct Connect Auto for your free instant quote anytime, feel free to fill in our quick form online or call our team at 800-980-2222.

New Hampshire Frequently Asked Questions on Auto Transport

  • How do I set up my New Hampshire auto transport services? It’s easy! Simply go online and fill out Direct Connect Auto Transport’s quick and easy form with all your information, or call us at 800-980-2222.
  • Do I or someone else have to be on site for my vehicle pickup and delivery? Yes, you or another designated adult must be present. We will need your signature on the initial and final inspection forms.
  • Can I choose specific pickup and delivery dates? Yes, but you also need to give us a 2-4 hour window in which we will arrive to pick up your vehicle. Typically, time-specific requests hold an additional fee.
  • How do I prep my vehicle for its impending NH shipment? There are a few simple steps to getting your vehicle in shape for transportation. Make sure the gas tank is only at ¼ full, clean the inside and outside of your vehicle, and collect all personal belongings and valuables. Remember to document the condition of your vehicle pre-departure on the initial inspection form.
Visit downtown Manchester next time you are in New Hampshire.
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