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How To Ship A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle to Missouri

You can see the famous Gateway Arch as you drive through St. Louis, Missouri.

If you headed to the Show Me state for your new job or are attending college at one of Missouri’s top-notch universities, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. How can you get your vehicles to Missouri without making the MO road trip yourself? The good news is you can ship a car to Missouri using a car transport service and never drive on Highway 70 that leads you into cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, Springfield or whatever city in Missouri you’re adventures are taking you.

Missouri auto transport companies can help you ship a car, SUV, motorcycle or truck. Look for car shipping companies that include insurance and have a strong network of professional drivers to give you added peace of mind. When you’re ready to reserve your Missouri car shipping, reach out to Direct Connect Auto Transport. We have:

  • Over 20 years in the auto transport industry
  • Include world-class insurance with every Missouri car shipping service
  • Have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • And much more
Get started today with an instant quote for your Missouri auto transport or call 800-981-2222 to speak with a knowledgeable car shipping expert.

Tips To Find The Best Missouri Car Shipping Companies

Shipping a car to Missouri is easier than ever with auto transport services that can do everything for you! You just hand your vehicle off to the professional driver, and he/she ensures your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle get to its MO destination. As you look for convenience, you’ll also want to find peace of mind knowing you’ve picked the best Missouri car shipping company to handle your expensive asset.

Here are the top criteria to look for in a Missouri auto transport company:

  • Longevity - Look for an auto transport company’s that have been in business for a long time.
  • BBB ratings - Better Business Bureau ratings show that the Missouri car shipper is dedicated to quality.
  • Insurance - Your car needs to be covered with insurance during its shipment to Missouri.
  • Straightforward pricing - Look for Missouri car shipping quotes that are not only affordable but straightforward and easy to understand. Understand the fine print and clarify that there are no hidden fees.
  • Guarantees - Learn how the Missouri car shipping company will stand behind its service if an accident occurs.
  • Testimonials - Read auto transport reviews to understand what the Missouri auto transport company’s customers have to say about the car shipping service.
  • Customer service - Your Missouri car shipper should be accessible via telephone and after hours if needed.
Be sure to check out the Jasper County Courthouse the next time you drive through Carthage, Missouri.

Start by requesting a quote online or calling the friendly Direct Connect Auto Transport team at 800-981-2222.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Missouri

The price to ship a car to Missouri will fluctuate based on many criteria that are unique to your MO car shipping needs. Use these pointers to understand how Missouri auto transport companies will calculate your car shipping price:

  • Distance - Whether you are shipping from North County to Downtown St. Louis or from Columbia to Jeff City, the distance of your Missouri car shipping route will affect your price.
  • Vehicle - If you are shipping a standard-sized car vs. an oversized SUV, you MO car shipping price will change. Inoperable, luxury or vintage cars that need to be protected in enclosed carriers may also cost more to ship to Missouri.
  • Carrier - An open carrier is the most common type and most affordable type of Missouri auto transport. Other options include an enclosed carrier or a flatbed truck - both may work better for your car shipping needs, but may also increase the price.
  • Time of year - There are certain seasonal factors that can impact the price of your Missouri car shipping service. If you are flexible with your dates, be sure to let the auto transport company know - you may save some money.
  • Door-to-door service - Your Missouri auto transport company may offer door-to-door services for your convenience. While this may save you time, it could cost you money.
If you are ready to get a Missouri car shipping price quote, contact Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 or complete an online car shipping price quote request. Be sure to provide all the details of your Missouri car shipping needs as it will ensure that your car shipping price quote is accurate

Have You Read The Online Reviews For Your Missouri Auto Transport Company?

Researching the Missouri car shipping company’s online presence is an excellent place to learn what their real customers think about them. Here are some tips to help:

  • Make sure your Missouri online auto transport company has a significant amount of reviews.
  • Look for trends in the good and bad statements - this is what the Missouri car shipping does well (or poorly) on a routine basis.
  • Check out how the auto transport company responds to bad reviews. Are they helpful and quick to respond?

Stop by Direct Connect Auto Transport to request your free, instant online car shipping pricing or give our friendly staff a call anytime at 800-981-2222.

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Why Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport For Your Missouri Car Shipping Needs

Direct Connect Auto Transport is America’s choice for car shipping to Missouri. Since 2001, we’ve been leaders in the car shipping industry. When you’re ready to ship a car to Missouri, you can count on Direct Connect Auto Transport, here’s why:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • World-class insurance with every car shipping service
  • Damage-free guarantee
  • Strong network of professional drivers
  • 24/7, 365-day/year customer service access via toll-free phone number
  • Real-time tracking of your vehicle during shipping
Don’t trust your Missouri car shipping needs to just anyone, trust your car to the auto transport leaders - Direct Connect Auto Transport. Get started with an online quote or call our helpful car shipping specialists at 800-981-2222 today.

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