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Moving to Massachusettsand Need a ‘Ride’ for Your Vehicle?

See the magestic skyline of Boston, one of the oldest cities as you travel to Massachusetts.

Whether it’s due to finding a new job out-of-state or another personally motivated reason, you’re relocating to Massachusetts soon. Along with packing all your other possessions, you have to take into great consideration how to properly handle transporting your car, truck, or motorcycle to your new residence. After all, your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets!

The only two viable options are to drive your car all the way to your destination in the Bay state or to go the route of auto transportation. Logistically, when you compare shipping to driving, shipping your car to MA (or even boat and RV) is the much simpler, smoother and cost-efficient solution available.

Fortunately, selecting the right Massachusetts car shipping company to do business with is quite easy. Direct Connect Auto Transport is America’s stand-out auto transport company also directly servicing MA within their largest national network of operations among leading auto transporters. Known for timeliness, professionalism, and fair plus honest car shipping prices, Direct Connect Auto Transport will be your go-to interstate auto transportation as you prepare your life for its new journey to Massachusetts.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Direct Connect Auto Transport by getting an instant online quote for your vehicular needs, or you can reach our friendly auto transport experts anytime by calling 800-980-2222.

What to Look for in a Quality Massachusetts Car Shipping Company

Similar to situations in other trade businesses, not all auto transport companies are created equal. When researching the best Massachusetts auto transport companies, there’s several specific attributes they should display:

  • Experience! The most exemplary MA car shipping companies were built on a solid foundation, which means they’ve most likely been in business for 10+ years and have a loyal, supportive customer base locally and even nationwide for bigger businesses.
  • The right insurance! If they’re running their business the right way, your auto transporter will have your vehicle covered from all angles. In the auto transport industry, having not just basic insurance but a damage-free guarantee on your vehicle’s shipping process is a game-changer.
  • Customer satisfaction! What do their “fans” have to say about them? When trying to gauge the quality of a Massachusetts car shipping company, look no further than their past clients. Whether overall positive or negative, their dealings with the auto transporter will shadow what your experience will likely be.
  • Accessibility! Last but certainly not least comes the auto transport company’s customer service availability and helpfulness. Check to see if they have operators standing by at all hours in case of an emergency or other important issue arising which needs immediate attention.
Direct Connect Auto Transport has a team of specialists available 24/7, 365-days a year. That means even if you have a question about your MA car shipping process while it’s in transit on Christmas Eve, Direct Connect Auto Transport will be there for you to answer your call. Get your instant online quote now or call 800-980-2222 to start booking your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle’s trip to Massachusetts today!

What Affects My Massachusetts Car Shipping Price?

There’s a number of situations in which MA car shipping prices are affected by influencing aspects of the specific trip. These following factors could contribute to the price of your MA car shipping quote:

  • Seasonal Demand – Seasonality is a big player when it comes to higher prices for your auto transport than usual. If you’re trying to avoid the rush and the increased cost that comes with it, make sure you’re aware of the Massachusetts-specific times of the year when quantities of customers significantly fluctuate.
  • Distance Traveled – The shorter the journey traveled, the cheaper the price and vice versa. For example, if you're just traveling locally within MA from Lenox to Northampton, it’s obviously going to be a much lower car shipping price than if you’re coming all the way from Pennsylvania to Northampton, MA.
  • Type of Vehicle – If you have a standard-sized operable car, you’re good to go as far as additional vehicle-related costs. Inoperable, oversized, or uniquely shaped vehicles will require costlier carriers to transport them properly to their MA destination.
  • Type of Carrier – From the range of lower to higher price, there are standard open auto transport carriers, flatbed trucks, and enclosed auto transport carriers. Most cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles have no problem fitting on a standard open auto transport carrier. Large or uniquely shaped vehicles such as RVs or boats will require flatbed trucks to carry them. If you have a luxury, custom, or otherwise valuable vehicle and aren’t worried about paying a higher price for extra protection, enclosed auto carriers are the way to go.
  • Specifics of Your Route – More popular routes, like the one of Woodbridge, NJ to Brockton, MA, are going to be a better bet as far as getting a lower price. You’re going to pay more if you’re headed to or from more out-of-the-way places.
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The Direct Connect Auto Transport Advantage

From the very beginning of our company in 2001, Direct Connect Auto Transport has grown into one of the nation’s largest auto transport companies, shipping over 12,000 cars annually. We have been running successful northern US operations within our nationwide network for over 20 years. Direct Connect Auto Transport is hands-down the most knowledgeable and professionally adept Massachusetts car shipping company for your vehicle.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the facts –

Direct Connect Auto Transport is…

  • Accredited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and fully bonded and insured
  • In a versatile position as a carrier-broker
  • Technology-driven, utilizing innovative real-time vehicle tracking that allows you to know your vehicle’s location in transit at any given moment
  • A positively reviewed auto transporter, with an A+ BBB rating and 5/5 stars on from 130+ happy customers
  • Operating on a 100% vetted carrier network
  • Caring and quality-focused; we only employ experienced, safe and skilled drivers
  • On time! We offer pick-up and delivery, with the option of doorstep-to-doorstep
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By choosing Direct Connect Auto Transport to ship your car or other vehicle to Massachusetts, you’ll be investing your money in a trustworthy, reliable, and reasonably priced car shipping experience. To get started right away, you can reach us by phone any time of the day, any day of the year at 800-980-2222 or go online for your instant Massachusetts car shipping quote.

Frequently Asked Massachusetts Car Shipping Questions

  • How do I book my vehicle’s Massachusetts car shipping service? By giving Direct Connect Auto a call at 800-980-2222 or get online for an instant Massachusetts car shipping quote specific to your needs.
  • Will Direct Connect Auto Transport provide insurance for my vehicle? Yes, at no additional cost to you, we’ve added not just standard insurance but a damage-free guarantee that covers any possible incurred damage to your vehicle during transit.
  • What are some popular Massachusetts car shipping routes? These are some popular interstate routes customers choose to take to Massachusetts: Santa Fe, NM to Quincy, MA, Pascagoula, MS to Springfield, MA, and Rockford, IL to Lowell, MA.
  • What’s an important safety tip to know about MA car shipping? Make sure the auto transport company also signs off on the documentation of the initial condition of your vehicle, just so there’s no discrepancies about what damage was or was not done during transit.

Now that we’ve taken you through all the relevant information on how to ship your car to Massachusetts, reach out to Direct Connect Auto Transport online or call 800-980-2222 to receive your instant quote and start your Massachusetts car shipping journey today!

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Direct Connect Auto Transport is rated 5 of 5 stars on by over 130 satisfied customers.

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