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How to Ship Your Car or Other Vehicle to Maine,Hassle-Free and Safe

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If you’re gearing up for the big move up north to the beautiful Pine Tree State of Maine, chances are you need some assistance moving your vehicle with you. Needless to say, you’ve done your research; after comparing driving vs. shipping, you’ve come to the correct conclusion that enlisting a decent Maine auto transport company to help ship your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle is the best solution.

Look no further than Direct Connect Auto Transport, one of Maine’s (and nationwide) largest, most reliable car shipping companies. Whether for personal or commercial purposes, if you’re looking to streamline your move with the highest quality yet most affordable auto transport services you can get, Direct Connect Auto Transport is that company.

If you’re looking to check us out, you can get an easy, free and instant online quote for all your Maine car shipping requirements, or reach us anytime by calling 800-980-2222.

How to Determine the Quality of anMaine Auto Transport Company

Looking for the industry-standard of the best, most reliable and trustworthy Maine car shipping companies? Here are some specific key points in which a great auto transport company would shine:

  • Successfully operating for years! Car shipping is no trade to mess around with lightly, and the seasoned ME auto transport companies usually know best due to their depth of experience throughout 10+ years of successful business operations.
  • Has a sizable, happy customer base! A popular choice is not always a bad choice – when it comes to a company you’re going to trust with your valued vehicle with, what others have to say about them does truly matter. How your relative’s car shipping experience with a Maine auto transporter went can give you a fair idea of what to expect yourself.
  • Uses world-class insurance! Most reputable auto transport companies carry at least basic insurance policies upon their carriers, drivers, and vehicles in transit. Look for an ME car shipping company going above and beyond, offering complimentary damage-free or other specialty insurance to their customers.
  • Excellent customer service standards! One of the chief complaints of unhappy customers is that they couldn’t reach the company they’re doing business with outside of normal business hours in an emergency or other instance. With a good Maine auto transport company, you won’t need to worry, with the extended hours customer service availability they should already have in place.
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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car, Truck, SUV or Motorcycle toMaine

  • Distance – Driver and fuel costs will be positively impacted by longer trips. The amount of distance and frequency of the route traveled both determine your Maine car shipping price.
  • Type of Car – Don’t expect a specialized, larger-than-average vehicle like a boat to cost you the same shipping price as a standard-sized, operable vehicle. Any vehicle requiring higher levels of treatment or having other specific needs outside of standard operating procedures for the average car is going to cost more to ship to ME.
  • Type of Carrier – Of the three general types of auto carriers used in Maine, again to mostly ship standard-sized, operable vehicles, the open auto carrier is the one traditionally associated with auto transport and costs the least. For larger or uniquely shaped vehicles, flatbed trucks are used as a more practical conveyance. Finally, with the biggest price tag, there are enclosed auto carriers which typically carry luxury, custom, antique, or other model vehicles requiring complete shelter from the elements.
  • Time of Year – As with most other Maine businesses, the holiday rushes and peak seasons in the state for auto transport do correlate to increased car shipping prices around those times of the year.
  • Drop-off vs. Door-to-door – If you’re dropping and picking your vehicle up at a predetermined location of an auto transport terminal in the previous state and then in destination state Maine, you’re saving a portion of the price you’d pay for a full-service, doorstep-to-doorstep direct delivery shipment of your car.
If you still have questions related to Maine car shipping prices or any other matter, feel free to consult our expert auto transport team at 800-980-2222, or go online for your free instant quote.

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The Direct Connect Auto Transport Advantage

As not only a servicer of Maine but a nationwide carrier-broker, Direct Connect Auto Transport has not only successfully been in business since 2001, we’ve also harnessed all our efforts and goals of that entire time into growing our auto transport company into one of the largest and most relevant auto transporters not only in the USA, but worldwide!

We hold all the mandated accreditations from government agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as additional accreditations (by organizations such as the BBB and other validated consumer review publications) stating the Direct Connect Auto Transport high quality mark and history of demonstrating proactive, positive business models in the car shipping industry

If you’ve read all these facts and are looking forward to jump-starting your Maine car shipping journey, wait no longer! Direct Connect Auto Transport is always available to help online here, or by phone at 800-980-2222 for bookings, quotes, and all other inquiries. You and your vehicle will both be glad that you chose the right ME auto transport company to do the job!

Maine Auto Transport Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book my Maine auto transport services? It’s very simple to schedule your pickup and delivery dates for your vehicle during your relocation to Maine. Just go online and fill out our quick, easy form on our secured system, or call a professional shipping coordinator to help set you up at 800-980-2222.
  • How long will it take for my vehicle be delivered to its destination in Maine? On a typical day, our drivers travel 300-500 miles; your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle should arrive at the final address within 10 days, depending on the overall distance needing to be traveled.
  • Where will I need to go to drop off and pick up my vehicle at the beginning and end of its shipment? In order to clarify agreement on the point of transfer, this is usually communicated during your conversation with the dispatcher who is setting up your auto transport services. You may request door-to-door car shipping, or accept our standard procedure of using auto transport terminals closest to your start and end points.
  • What do I need to do to prep my car, truck, SUV or motorcycle for its trip to Maine? To facilitate the smoothest move possible, first make sure the vehicle’s gas tank is only ¼ full. Then, clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle, paying special attention to the removal of personal items and valuables. Finally, so everyone is on the same page, remember to accurately document the pre-shipment condition of your vehicle with the corresponding signature of the auto transport driver
For a fast start to an efficient, easy experience with Maine car shipping, visit us online to receive your free instant quote, or call Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 – we’re waiting to hear from you!

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