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How To Ship A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle to Iowa

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Did you know there’s an easy way to get your car to Iowa without driving it? Whether you are relocating, going away to college or simply ordering a car online to ship back to your Iowa home, Iowa auto transport companies can help get your car to Iowa without having to make the road trip. If you are headed to Dubuque, Des Moines or any of Iowa’s great cities, you’ll have many logistics to take care of as you make your big move, letting an experienced auto transport company handle the shipping of your car will surely make things easier.

Whether you have a standard-sized car, an oversized SUV, trucks, a motorcycle, a vintage car or a luxury car, you can ship a vehicle to Iowa easily with a quality auto transport partner. This guide can help you understand all the details you need to consider before booking your Iowa car shipping service.

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Tips To Find The Best Iowa Car Shipping Companies

Choosing the right Iowa car shipping company is the key to getting your car, truck, motorcycle or SUV shipped to where it needs to be safe, sound and affordably. Here are the important criteria to seek out in your auto transport partner.

  • Years in business - If your auto transport choice has no experience, it may not be qualified to transport your car to its final Iowa destination. Be sure to check out how many years the Iowa car shipper has under its belt on its website.
  • Online reviews - Online auto transport reviews are somewhat like an ear to the ground to learn how current customers have experienced the services of the Iowa car shipper.
  • External accreditations - The Better Business Bureau is a great indicator of the quality of the Iowa auto transport company’s services. A good Iowa car shipping company might also have an accreditation with external organizations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is also a good sign of a quality company.
  • Insurance - Every car shipment should include car insurance. If they auto transport company you are reviewing does not offer insurance or makes it extra or optional, you may want to reconsider.
  • Guarantees - Accidents sometimes happen. The question is how will your Iowa auto transport company respond. Look for any kind of guarantee to show they stand behind their Iowa car shipping services.
  • Customer service - When you need the answer to a question or have an issue arise, you will need to be able to access your Iowa car shipping company’s customer service, but will they be reachable? A toll-free, after hours customer service option is important as you look for a quality company to trust with your vehicle.
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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Iowa

Your budget is almost guaranteed to be tight as you plan a move to Iowa, relocate for a new job or ship your new car home to Iowa. Many factors come into play when calculating your Iowa car shipping price such as:

  • From where to where in Iowa are you shipping a car. The distance will be impacted as well as the popularity of the route. Iowa is a very rural state, which can make some routes more complicated and possibly more expensive that easy-to-access routes. From Duluth to Des Moines will be more affordable than from Indiana to Iowa City!
  • The time of year you are shipping the car. Seasonal ebbs and flows create an increase in price during certain times of the year. Flexibility in dates, be sure to let your Iowa car shipping company know so can save you money on your Iowa car shipping costs.
  • What type of carrier you are using. Open carriers are the most commonly-used and affordable types of carriers. Standard-sized cars will fit onto this type of carrier while enclosed carriers are options for vehicles that need to have temperature control or added protection from the elements. The enclose carrier or flatbed truck option for oversized vehicles may drive up the cost of your Iowa car shipping price.
  • Other details of the auto transport. If your car is inoperable, it may cost more to ship it to Iowa. Additionally, you may opt for door-to-door service which is convenient but can cost a bit more.
If you are ready to get an Iowa car shipping price quote, contact Direct Connect Auto Transport at 800-980-2222 or complete an online car shipping price quote request.

Have You Read The Online Reviews For Your Iowa Auto Transport Company?

Online auto transport reviews are an extremely helpful way to understand how your Iowa car shipping company is doing and what kind of service they are providing. Look for trends both good and bad that the Iowa auto transport company does frequently and you’ll get to know more about them.

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Why Choose Direct Connect Auto Transport For Your Iowa Car Shipping Needs

Direct Connect Auto Transport has led the industry since 2001 and offers many other reasons to trust them for all your car shipping needs, such as:

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Accreditation from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • 24/7, 365-day accessible customer service team
  • Door-to-door service available for your convenience
  • World-class insurance
  • Damage-free guarantee
  • Real-time tracking during your auto transport
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