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Auto Carrier Preparation Guide

Here at Direct Connect Auto Transport, we pride ourselves in taking the worry out of car transportation. We do that in a number of ways: first, by providing peerless customer service and second, by making sure our customers always stay informed. This is why we put together this brief guide to help you get your car ready for shipment in an auto carrier. It’s a helpful checklist that once completed, goes a long way in ensuring a successful shipment.

Provide Detailed Information

Before you physically do anything to your car you should give us some important information. This information goes past just the make and model of the vehicle. You have to let us know if the vehicle is not running, or has been altered in a way that has significantly altered its size or dimensions. It is also important to provide enough information about the pickup and drop off locations due to the size of the carrier. If either one of these locations is on a narrow or restrictive street then you may have to arrange the pick-up/drop-off area in a more open space--such as a supermarket parking lot.

Take Stock Of Your Car

It is important to have an accurate accounting on hand (pictures are a plus) before your car transportation begins. Note any dings, dents or scrapes on your car. Once the driver arrives he will also inspect the car with you and come to an agreement on any present damage. We don’t expect any damage to befall your car but if it does sustain any dings and scrapes on the road, this step is vital in seeing that they’re fixed.

Prep Your Vehicle

In order for your car to be transported it has to be emptied of all personal belongings. It is actually illegal for an auto carrier transporter to move personal belongings across state lines. You should also wash your vehicle. Doing this will highlight any existing damage as well as make any damage sustained during transport easier to spot. Here are a few more quick tips that fall into this category:

  • Turn off alarm
  • Leave Only 1/4 tank of gas
  • Remove any interior or exterior aftermarket accessories
  • Remove or deactivate any toll tags and passes

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition you sent it in or your money back.


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